In apparel for cycling, Doltcini one of the gowns in our cycling outfit are Rain Jackets. The Rain jacket is 100% not propusklivo water (rain) and put on winter cycling jacket or in the colder autumn and spring days on Jersey with long sleeves. To stay cool for rain jacket is sewn with mesh panels under arms, they allow the body heat leaves the body cyclist. Rain jacket with an ergonomic cut in free silhouette and even raining, drops short lattice cooling in the area. One of the biggest advantages of rain jacket is his folded size, it is collected without any problem in the back pocket of the bicycle Jersey or jacket for cycling. Also one of its advantages is that it does not rumpled (However, in the folded dress doesn't look like it was in my back pocket) and last but not least is super speedy drying. After washing, you can put it in 15-20 minutes, and if it is wet during the movement, after 5-10 min.-dried.


    A cycling skinsuit is part of the cycling apparel used in time trial competitions. Dolchini cycling clothing offers a sleeveless cycling skinsuit for summer and one with sleeves for spring and autumn. The cycling skinsuit is used in individual time trial and team time trial cycling competitions. Skinsuits used for mass start cycling events typically feature two pockets on the back. For amateur cyclists, the cycling skinsuit is their preferred one-piece cycling gear. Experience unparalleled comfort and performance with our high-quality cycling skinsuits engineered for road cycling enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our skinsuits offer aerodynamic efficiency and second-skin fit, ensuring optimal airflow and freedom of movement on the road. 

    Our triathlon equipment from Doltcini is designed with an adaptive cut to different areas of the body, and provides a snug fit to it. The material of Doltcini triathlon equipment provides very fast drying in the transition from swimming to cycling, thus you will ride a bike with dry equipment.

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