Cycling clothing made from Doltcini is divided into different collections ready cycling apparel for men and women. Doltcini Equipment for cycling is also divided into three types of quality products. With the lowest quality products are classic, medium type of cycling teams are the "elite" and with the highest type of clothing for cycling are "Pro" cycling clothes are designed for professional cyclists. Characteristic for clothing for cycling "Pro" that is a thumbnail (with a number) than the other two types of equipment for cycling. An additional feature of the equipment can read the description of each product. Clothing for cycling from Doltcini is created for amateur cyclists and professional cyclists. All models of cycling clothes are designed by professional cyclists for total freedom and comfort during wear. A feature in clothing for cycling from Doltcini are broad elasticated Silicon wristbands on hands and feet, high and thick collar in a cycling winter clothes, deep pockets, elasticated back prišitiâ bib (protective pouch) of the front zippers Dolcini. Dolčini is one of the few companies in the industry which has its own proprietary gel pad with carbon fibre for male Doltcini wedges.

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