The cycling shirt (Cycling Jersey) is specially designed for convenience and comfort while cycling. The cycling jersey is made of lightweight, breathable and quick-drying fabric that provides optimal ventilation and additionally offers protection from the sun and wind while allowing free movement of the arms and upper body. The cycling Jersey has a special cut that is snug and ergonomic, adapting to the body shape from different panels and does not restrict movement. This makes it an ideal choice for long bike rides when comfort is essential.


    Jacket for cycling is an important part of your clothing for cycling through on cold days. Winter jacket for cycling from Dolčini will protect you from the cold and at the same time not let perspiration. When an active movement for cycling winter jacket will ensure your comfort even at outdoor temperature of-4 ° c. In the various annual seasons jacket for cycling are divided into two types of "winter" and "Spring/Autumn jackets."Cycling jackets are characteristic with an ergonomic cut and deep back pockets. The matter is difficult outside soaking, high durability and elasticity.


    The cycling light is suitable for use in autumn and spring when temperatures are lower. It can also be used in winter, but it is important to wear it under an extra layer of clothing to maintain a good body temperature. The cycling helmet is specially designed to provide maximum freedom of movement for the arms and not restrict the cyclist's movement. It is made of lightweight and breathable fabrics that provide complete freedom while wearing. The back pockets of the cycling vest are designed to store the necessary items while cycling. They usually have three and are large enough to fit the necessary things like a cell phone, water bottle, rain jacket, etc. The sleeve and hip straps of the cycling vest are specially designed to ensure the fit of the vest to the body and prevent air and cold from penetrating.


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