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ATTENTION! Carefully read these terms and conditions before using this website.
If you use this Web Site you accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions.
If you disagree with these terms, do not use this web site!
These terms and conditions are binding to all users who register on the site and www.doltcini.com www.e-doltcini.com. By clicking on each item, link or button, located on the pages of both sites (excluding the link to these Terms), User agree and fully accepts and undertakes to comply with these Terms and Conditions.
"Doltcini.BG" Ltd. is a company registered in the Republic of Bulgaria, with registered address at:. Sofia Street "Biser" 8; registered in the Registry Agency with VAT number: 203618598.

The user understands and agrees with the fact that the Information Services and the Site are provided "like that are published" and www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com is not responsible for the accuracy of the information published and promptly delivery of information about completed User orders or other inquiries, questions or comments about products, information for non-available products as well as for damages and / or loss of profits and other losses of any kind and size, occurred as a result of that circumstances or due to the use (or inability to use, due to technical problems, prevention, decisions of the administrator, etc.). of the Site. As a result of using this site or material damages arise, which requires amendment of the product, the user assumes all responsibility and all costs associated with the removal of damages.
User is informed and agrees that part of the goods on the Website may be listed as available in stores, but not enough stock of these goods and products, as well as accessories when placing an order for those goods by on-line purchasing system. User is informed and agrees that the made order may change as www.doltcini.com www.e-doltcini.com undertakes to inform the user for it by e-mail and / or telephone contacts and / or by other appropriate means to the receipt of confirmation of final shipment of the confirmed order to the address of the user.
To use the Site, the User must obtain access to the World Wide Web directly or through other devices that can access Web-based content. Furthermore, users must provide all necessary access the World Wide Web equipment, including computer, modem or another device to access the Internet. Www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com only provides information on the Site and is not responsible for any interference or technical problems frustrated the use of the site due to the operation of computer equipment by the user.

For the purposes of using the Site www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com, User agrees and declares that he will provide true, accurate, current and complete information when filling out the registration form (from this time onward called generally- personal data). If the user provides false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information, www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com has the right to close and / or delete information about his postal address and to refuse further access part or all of their services as well as www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com is not responsible for false and / or inaccurate order execution carried out in connection with the received user information.

Product information on the Site is divided by types of groups and subgroups;
In the page (link) to each item listed on the site is information concerning the price, the main characteristics of the product and additional information aimed at making an informed choice by consumers when purchasing the product. Www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com is not responsible for inaccuracies in the description of the goods, which do not relate to the main characteristics of the product and is not pretending for completeness of the information provided.
www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com reserve the right to publish names, models and other information about goods in English when:
a) There is a danger with translation and losing valuable information about the characteristics of the goods;
b) There is no generally accepted clear terminology of Bulgarian language;
c) product itself is a carrier of information in English.
www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com has the right at any time and without warning to make changes in published products, services, prices and other characteristics of goods and users are informed about these changes from the date of publication. Users will be notified in case of an order on the Site form for on-line purchases before delivery of outdated information on the Site.

The user has the right to order all the goods and services listed in Site www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com. When performing the order customer has the right to choose the type of goods and quantity, method and the terms for delivery, according to the proposed of possibilities in the site.
When performing an order on the Site, the user shall take into a contractual relationship with "Doltcini" Ltd concerning the specific order and regulated by these Terms, the order is considered to be final upon receipt of the order confirmation in the final step at the on-line store when finalizing order following the instructions indicated on the Site;
www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com has the right to change prices listed on the Site at its discretion, at any time and without obligation to notify users in advance. User is obliged to pay the price that was indicated on site during performance of the order, whether lower or higher than the updated price.
In case of technical errors regarding published information on the Site, as a result of which the order cannot be executed, www.e-doltcini.com has the right to refuse execution of the order and does not owe the User other compensation except restore the amounts paid and / or deposited by the user to cancel an order, if any exists.

Delivery deadline for ordered products with online order is 5 working days, as this period may be extended when holidays and / or weekends according to the period of non- working days. In all cases, the delay in those delivery times is possible, for which you will be notified promptly by our associate. In 99% of orders made online, they have been delivered to the User up to 72 hours after order confirmation.
www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com and may request for additional confirmation of the completed order, including via telephone, fax, email. If the user refuses to provide required by www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com information within 5 working days, the refusal automatically leads to cancellation of the contract with or without additional User notification.
Delivery cost is given in the "virtual shopping cart" and automatically calculates the value of the order.
Delivery is made to the building entrance (block) or door yard.
www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com is not responsible for delay due to the fault of courier and / or for reasons beyond www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini. com circumstances.
On the territory of Bulgaria delivery is carried out with the courier service of Speedy up to 3 working days.
International delivery is performed by courier service of DHL. (3/4 days)
When performing the delivery, the goods should be accepted / received and carefully reviewed by the user and / or authorized person. If an external visible defect is found during delivery - any damage, strokes and other damage, the user must sign a protocol for damages in the presence of the courier and immediately notify an associate via email: office@doltcini.com or in the contact menu of site www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com. It is recommended for the declred damage to be accompanied by a digital photograph clearly made for better understandable damage / defect of the received shipment.
When the User accept the shipment without any remarks, every kind of claims for externally visible defects are groundless and should not be covered.
When the delivered goods obviously do not correspond to the declared User purchase and that can be detected in routine examination, the user may request for the delivered goods to be replaced by the corresponding one within 48 hours of request notification to a member of the Online department at e-mail: office@doltcini.com

6. Cancellation of purchased goods

6.1 The user has the right to refuse and request the return of the ordered goods purchased by him within 15 (fifteen) days of receipt of goods to the delivery address in case the same are reserved in its entirety original package (the package of the products may be opened), full equipment with the accompanying documentation (the purchase contract or invoice or delivery note).
6.2 When the user wants to replace with another size, he must pay all transportation costs in both ways. In case when making exchange for other items, he must pay the transport cost to Doltcini.BG LTD.

Product return procedure is the following:
The user should pack the product like the way they were received, together with hand written apply about their desires and intentions. If the client wants to receive full refund for returned products, he must provide personal bank account and personal names. The user can send the package to us with randomly selected from him courier or postal service.
ADDRESS FOR ITEMS RETURN: BULGARIA, village of Djerman p.k.2648, STR..Dupnishka Commune №1, Recipient Doltcini.BG Company Ltd. Phone: +359884867931
Once we receive the returned item, we will confirm its sender by an email and within 15 days of receipt, we will initiate a bank transfer to the account given by him. In case that the initial payment is made by Paypal.com, then the amount will be returned to the paypal account.

7. Payment Methods in e-shop
7.1 The visitor can pay upon receipt of the order by courier, as this method is available only for the territory of Bulgaria.
7.2 The visitor can pay by the service of Paypal.com, this method is available for all visitors to the site.
7.3 The visitor can pay by credit / debit card through services provided by Raiffeisenbank - rbb.bg this method is available for all visitors to the site.
7.3.1 REFUSAL POLICY of a cardholders orders made by a credit / debit card
The user has the right to refuse and request the return of the ordered goods purchased by him within 15 (fifteen) days of receipt of goods to the delivery address in case the same are reserved in its entirety original package (the package of the products may be opened), full equipment with the accompanying documentation (the purchase contract or invoice or delivery note).
"Doltcini.BG Ltd.", will make shipment to the customer, after the bank confirms the correctness of the completed card data from it.

Return is allowed under the following conditions:
• request for returning the goods is made in writing form to that mailbox(office@doltcini.com), not later than 14 working days from the date of receipt of the order. In case the payment is made by bank card, refunds will be made by order of the inverse operation card which the payment is made within 14 days .;
• the goods are in a good appearance, original packaging with original tags, accompanied by the original documents issued by the Doltcini.BG Ltd. - invoice, cash receipt, warranty card (if it was issued one);
• The client discuss with the Doltcini representative the address where they want to receive back the goods;
• In accordance with the ZZP, Doltcini.BG Ltd. refund the amount paid within 14 days of the date on which the customer has exercised his right to return the goods.
Doltcini.BG Ltd. reserves the right not to reimburse the amount of the customer in case of a broken one or other conditions for the returned goods.

7.3.4 Refund policy (partial or complete) OF AMOUNTS THROUGH PAYMENT BY CREDIT / DEBIT CARD
A written request has to be sent to that mailbox where the customer declares his desire to be reimbursed with the full amount, or to be returned part of the product amount (compared to the price on the day of purchase) or to be issued online voucher which will be applied when making new order.

All situations which are not described in these terms and conditions will be discussed with the client. If there is no satisfactory solution between both sides it will be applied effective legislation.

8. Other
www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com has the right to change unilaterally any conditions about the goods supply and any other information published on the Site without any prior notice to the User.
www.doltcini.com www.e-doltcini.com reserve the right to send to the User messages related to new products and services, promotions and / or changes in the conditions and methods for delivery of the offered goods and any other information published on the Site.

In force from 25.05.2018. If you have questions about this Privacy and Privacy Policy, please contact us by e-mail: office@doltcini.com.

Introduction - On 25th of May 2018, enter into force a new regulation on protection of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation, for brevity GDPR), adopted by the European Union. The regulation aims to ensure the protection of data of individuals from all EU Member States and to harmonize the regulations for their processing.
As a data service provider, Dolchini.BG Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Dolchini") meets all the requirements of the new regulation, and this document aims to give full clarity about the way of collection of personal data as well as purposes, and to clarify the rights of Customers regarding their personal data.

This General Data Protection Regulation may be changed at any time without prior notice. For the purposes of that General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR"), personal data means any information by which personality can be linked or identified. For the purposes of the applicable data protection law and the GDPR, Dolchini is the administrator of all personal data collected by you through the Website, through the Service, or for the purpose of offering and developing your business with Customers and Counterparties.

Policy is an integral part of the Agreement (the General Terms and Conditions of Use), as the terms and short names which are not specified in this Policy, are specified in the Agreement.

9.1. Information we collect automatically when you visit our Website or use our Services, our server automatically collects certain information generated by your browser or device, including but not limited to:

- Your IP address
- Your date, time and duration of your visit
- The version and type of your browser
- Your Operating System;
- Visiting the pages on the Website;

- Other information about your computer or device
- Internet traffic.
In some cases, this information is personal data. We do not use this automatically collected information to try to identify you by name or associate it with the information you provide to us voluntarily, described in detail below.

9.2. Information You Provide Us In order to access some parts of our Website or Services or to take full advantage of our Website or Services or to conduct business with us or to enter into a contract with us, certain personal data you provide voluntarily, in the following cases:

- Customers who place an order for our Services will be prompted to enter their name, address, e-mail address, phone number and any other information required for billing;

- Customers who sign a form to join our Website without using the Services will be prompted to enter their email address;

- Website visitors, future and current clients and providers may provide personal information when completing forms (for example, in a contact form with us) on our Website or anywhere else where we do business; when downloading documentation from our website; when entering mailing lists or other methods of communication made with us, such as phone or email. In these cases, typically, the personal information you provide us is the name, business or legal entity you represent, a phone number and email address, and any other personal data required to resolve requests, inquiries or complaints. This personal data is required to conclude a contract with you (for example, when you wait for a delivery contract or understand our Services) or to perform a contract with you (for example, to provide the Services) and if you fail to provide this information, has led to our inability to provide the requested Services.

USER AGREES WITH THE TERMS OF USE OF SERVICES www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini.com BY CLICKING (click) for each site, link or button on the site of www.doltcini.com and www.e-doltcini. com as well as WITH LINK TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND IT IS CONSIDERED THAT is familiar with Terms, accepts them and undertakes to respect it.

The coordinates of the Doltcini.BG Ltd. are as follows:

VAT: BG203618598

Sofia, 1421 Lozenets, STREET Biser N: 8
Phone: +3590889111494
Email: office@doltcini.com