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Triathlon suit PRO - FORZA Fluo
  • Triathlon suit PRO - FORZA Fluo
  • Triathlon suit PRO - FORZA Fluo
  • Triathlon suit PRO - FORZA Fluo

Triathlon suit PRO - FORZA Fluo

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The triathlon without back pockets equipment PRO - FORZA Fluo is suitable for three different sports.
This equipment guarantees maximum efficiency for triathlon.
Doltcini triathlon material equipment provides fast drying in the transition from swimming to cycling, thus you will ride a bike with a dry equipment.
When swimming, the Doltcini triathlon PRO - FORZA Fluo is similar to that of a swimsuit.
The triathlon suits are thin and provide comfort and ease when running.
The layer of foam in the triathlon sits provides comfort when cycling.
The silicone straps on the thighs provide total fit when moving and do not allow any gathering when swimming or running.
The zipper-length up to the belly allows quick ventilation during the run. It also ensures quick dressing. - In addition, it is equipped like any triathlon equipment with a protective tape on the inside of the zipper to protect your body from friction.
Doltcini's triathlon equipment has large openings at the armpits so that they do not come into contact with the fabric and athlete feeling is complete freedom when moving.
This triathlon equipment PRO - FORZA Fluo is designed with an adaptive cut to different areas of the body, and provides super fit feeling.


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