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Cycling arm warmers BLACK SPOKE sleeves suitable for dressing during colder days. >15°C and humidity <55%. The riders arm warmers sleeves BLACK SPOKE adheres tightly to the cyclist's hand and is an ideal finishing accessory of short sleeve jersey, which in turn autoamically turns into jersey with long sleeves. The top edge of the cycling riders sleeve BLACK SPOKE is dressed under the elastic band of the jersey with short sleeves, so that the jersey short sleeves can stick the arm warmers sleeve in fix place. Cycling arm warmers sleeves are sewn from elastic material with silicone elastic at the top. The Doltcini cycling arm warmers sleeves are also the preferred accessory of the Downhill riders who wear the arm warmers sleeves under the protectors. Thus, they easily retain the tread pattern from sweating. The arm warmers sleeves are also a preferred accessory by professional riders who retain heat from their hands during workouts in cooler days. Typical temperature range for the use of the arm warmers sleeves for cycling with intense sport from 7°C to 15°C.

Cycling sleeves with silicone elastic are specially designed accessories that are worn by cyclists to improve the comfort and protection of the hands while cycling. They are made of high quality elastic materials and are equipped with silicone elastics in the elbow and wrist area. 

The main function of the silicone elasticated sleeves is to provide optimum support and protection for the hands during cycling. They help prevent injuries associated with the friction and jarring of falling and sliding on asphalt. 

In addition to protection, silicone elasticated sleeves offer additional benefits. They provide excellent comfort and cushioning, reducing hand fatigue and allowing you to ride longer without discomfort. Additionally, the sleeves also offer good ventilation, which helps to wick away excess moisture and keep your hands dry and comfortable. 

Cyclists wear the sleeves with silicone elastic in a variety of circumstances. They are particularly useful in sportive cycling as well as large-scale cycling marathons and races. The sleeves offer optimal protection and comfort during long rides, exposing the hands to vibrations, bumps and conditions of varying temperatures. In addition, the silicone elasticated gloves can also be used for mountain biking, absorbing sweat and preventing it from going into the foam of the protective protectors. 

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