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Underwear Short Sleeves - BLACK
  • Underwear Short Sleeves - BLACK
  • Underwear Short Sleeves - BLACK

Underwear Short Sleeves - BLACK

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Introducing our short-sleeve cycling underwear – the perfect choice for your outdoor activities. This unique garment is not just clothing; it's a specially crafted companion that offers style, comfort, and functionality.
Features: Versatile Usage: Suitable as a base layer or as standalone outerwear on hot summer days.
Elastic Freedom of Movement: Made from elastic fabric, ensuring optimal comfort and providing complete freedom of movement during any activity.
Lightweight and Antibacterial Material: The material we use is not only lightweight but also antibacterial, ensuring freshness and dryness even after intense workouts.
Technologically Advanced Breathable Fabric: Crafted from high-tech fabric that regulates your body temperature by wicking moisture away, preventing overheating and sweating.
Quick-Drying: Specifically designed to be quick-drying, this underwear is ready for your next adventure in record time.
Suitable for Various Activities: Whether you're a cyclist, runner, or simply enjoy an active lifestyle, this underwear is your perfect companion.

Material Composition: Polyester: 87%, Lycra (Spandex): 13%

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