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Cycling Bibtight PRO - PAUWELS BINGOAL 2024
  • Cycling Bibtight PRO - PAUWELS BINGOAL 2024
  • Cycling Bibtight PRO - PAUWELS BINGOAL 2024

Cycling Bibtight PRO - PAUWELS BINGOAL 2024

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Manufactured from high quality material, it offers softness and absorbency, providing optimum waist and rear protection. This winter cycling long pant - features antibacterial and water repellent properties. The comfortable and soft elasticated shoulder straps prevent chafing at the shoulders, ensuring you are as comfortable as possible during your cardio sessions or long cycling workouts. The winter cycling bib PRO - PAUWELS BINGOAL 2024 designed with exceptional attention to detail, provides the perfect balance between functionality and comfort. Its ergonomic cut provides complete freedom of movement, while the wide and subtle ankle straps prevent uncomfortable bunching during wear. Made with an anatomically shaped cut, this legging adapts and sits snugly on the body, providing the necessary freedom of movement. The material composition includes 85% polyamide (PA) and 15% elastane (EA), with a weight of 245 g/m2. With an innovative design, this legging features a high front panel that supports the abdomen during cycling, providing additional comfort. The fabric used to sew this legging -, meets all OEKO-TEX® standards and has a STANDARD100 certification from Bluesign®, ensuring you are wearing a product with high standards of quality and durability. This bib tight PRO - PAUWELS BINGOAL 2024 is suitable for extreme winter conditions, with a resistance to temperatures from -5°C to +10°C. In extreme cold conditions below -4°C, this bib tight PRO - PAUWELS BINGOAL 2024 can be combined with the CROSS Pant (with long zippers) as a second layer of clothing, providing additional protection from the cold. With an extended service life, the wedge - can be worn all day as a first layer of sportswear without causing discomfort.

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